Our Mission

To provide honest, jargon-free product information that benefits the consumer and the affiliate.

About Check Corner

At Check corner, we understand the consumer’s need for clear, concise and valuable information before they decide to spend a dime of their hard earned money. With more and more people buying products online, there is a growing need for jargon free product reviews that are both informative and honest. Today, one only needs to spend a few seconds online before one is bombarded with over-optimized, promotional content that is as loud as it is ‘in-your-face.’ This overload of information serves neither the consumer nor the company trying to promote their product or brand.

Our main objective at Check corner and the thing that drives our small team of nerds and geeks to work every day is to deliver honest and valuable product information to the consumer without unnecessary embellishments. Although we’re a small affiliate marketing outfit, we take great pride in performing quality in-house testing for all our products, and we make sure that we leave our biases at the door. After our testing periods, we sit down and collate all our findings and results into concise, easy-to-read, jargon-free product reviews that we’re confident will benefit both the consumers and our affiliates.     


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